Szczekociny 1794
  • Szczekociny 1794
  • Szczekociny 1794
  • Szczekociny 1794
  • Szczekociny 1794
  • Szczekociny 1794
  • Szczekociny 1794
  • Szczekociny 1794

Szczekociny 1794

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„...Prussian infantry was successfully supported by 12 gun artillery battery. However, this tactic was risky because the cannons still had to be placed several meters in front of infantry. Kościuszko decided to use this opportunity and sent 2000 "kosynierzy" unit to attack enemy artillery."

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Special thanks to Krzysztof Wojdyło for his video review (Polish).

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Szczekociny 1794

Gameplay: Scenario I - Fight for Wywła (Polish)

Gameplay: Scenario II - Battle of Szczekociny (Polish)

Author: Adam Niechwiej
Year of publication: 2012

The game "Szczekociny 1794" presents a crucial battle of the Kosciuszko insurrection. Polish army, lead by Tadeusz Kosciuszko, had to face more numerous forces combined of Prussian and Russian armies. Although Polish troops lost this battle, the army was not destroyed and that enabled them to successfully protect Warsaw (27th July - 7th September). The manual of "Szczekociny 1794" is based on the rules of "Raclawice 1794". Due to the fact that bigger forces were involved in the battle of Szczekociny, some rules of the game were simplified, for example conditions of withdrawal and victory. The game contains smaller introductory scenario which presents the fighting of Wywla, a village situated on the foreground of Polish troops position. This allows to quickly understand mechanisms of the game before taking part in the main battle. "Szczekociny 1794" is an independent and complete game and the knowledge or the game " Raclawice 1794" is not required.

The scale of the game.
Infantry is present in companies, cavalry in squadrons. One counter represents from 2 to 8 guns, and one hex equals to 100 meters of the field. One turn corresponds to 12 minutes.

Content of the box:
- board 68x98 cm;
- 648 die - cut counters;
- rulebook (12 pages);
- 10 - sided dice.

Game is suitable for 2 or 3 players above 12 years old.
Playing time: 4 to 8 hours, excluding time for initial setup.

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