• Racławice 1794
  • Racławice 1794
  • Racławice 1794
  • Racławice 1794
  • Racławice 1794
  • Racławice 1794

Raclawice 1794

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„... The attack of "kosynierzy", irregular infantry formation, was so vicious and rapid, that Russian artillery managed to fire only twice with grapeshots. When Polish soldiers reached the guns, murderous melee had ensued. Their weapon, a scythe with its blade turned upright, was fearsome one as it inflicted terrible wounds. "

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The game "Raclawice 1794" presents one of the greatest victories in the history of Polish army. Players can enter the role of generals as well as regular soldiers. Rules reflect fundamental aspects of the battlefields of those days, which were dominated by the linear array. Suitable paragraphs describe the cavalry charge, attacks of Cossacks, creation of squares and skirmish order in response to enemy's action. The game is divided into 15 turns. Opponents place in the activation pool three commanders activation chits and draw one of them. Thanks to this, certain units can move and fight hand to hand. An innovation introduced in this game is a resolution of firefight. The firing order is determined by random activation of commanders. All fire-capable units can shoot - the only restriction is the limit of 4 shots in each turn. Thanks to this, despite activation of only part of Your units at any given time, the game takes place across whole board.

In 2011, in the competition " War Board Game of the Year" organized by the Startegies Forum and portal Poltergeist, "Raclawice 1794" gained the Jury award.

The scale of the game.
Infantry is present in companies, cavalry in squadrons. One counter represents one gun, and one hex equals to 100 meters of the field. One turn corresponds to 10 minutes.

Content of the box::
- board 48x68 cm;
- 468 self - mounted counters;
- rulebook (14 pages);
- 10 - sided dice

Game is suitable for 2 players, above 12 years old.
Playing time: 4 to 8 hours, excluding time for initial setup.

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