Battle of Racławice 1794

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„... The attack of "kosynierzy", irregular infantry formation, was so vicious and rapid, that Russian artillery managed to fire only twice with grapeshots. When Polish soldiers reached the guns, murderous melee had ensued. Their weapon, a scythe with its blade turned upright, was fearsome one as it inflicted terrible wounds."

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Battle of Racławice 1794

Publication year: 2020
Designer: Adam Niechwiej

This game depicts the most important battle of Kosciuszko’s Uprising. Polish victory spread patriotic enthusiasm on the whole Commonwealth. If Russian army had won the battle, the uprising would have suppressed at the beginning.

The game mechanic is based on random activation of formations. Thanks to that, neither player is sure, if they plans will be successful. More, drawing determines order of firefights, so tactical situation can be affected as well.

The scale of the game.
• one counter of infantry represents company,
• one counter of cavalry represents squadron,
• one counter of artillery represents from 2 to 8 guns,
• one game turn corresponds to 15 minutes and one hex shows 100 meters of terrain.

Players should feel like commanders of the armies, but have to solve tactical issues as well. For example moment of cavalry charge or maneuver on enemy’s flank to gain advantage during bayonet attack.

This is second edition of the game. Minor changes have been made on map and composition of participating units. The rules have been unified with other games showing battles of Kosciuszko’s Uprising – “Szczekociny 1794” and “Maciejowice 1794”.

We consider the rules not complicated. We recommend this game for persons who did not play board wargames earlier. This can be great beginning with this hobby. Experianced players can be happy as well, because initial setup gives equal chances for final triumph to both armies.

Content of the box:
• board 48x68 cm;
• 216 die-cut counters;
• rulebook (12 pages);
• one 10 - sided dice

Playing time: 4 to 8 hours.
Game is suitable for 2 players from 12 years old upwards.


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