20th anniversary of Limey Yank Games.

For special code, please visit Limey Yank Games website. The code is valid through the whole year 2023 and for all orders.

Remembering the anniversary.

To take advantage of free shipping, just make an order in a particular month, containing the listed game.

Here is a list of months and game titles, in which the promotion is valid:

February - "1831: For our freedom and yours - Battle of Grochow"

April - "Battle of Raclawice 1794"

February - May - "Festung Breslau 1945"

June - "Carentan, 10-13th June 1944"

July - "Maida 1806: Stuart vs. Reynier"

August - "Hill 262 - Chambois, 19-21st August 1944"