Festung Breslau 1945

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- Here the victorious Soviet troops are returning from Berlin to the parade of victory in Moscow.
Suddenly, explosions and guns are heard on the way.
- Was it already shot on chevat?
- No - 6th Army is still trying to conquer Breslau ...

Dmitri Baltermanc

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A review by Robert "Smitty" Smith - Board Game Geek

A review by Paul Comben - The Boardgaming Life

Presentation of the game and some places in today Wroclaw (English subtitles).

Interview in local TV with Adam Niechwiej (Polish).


Festung Breslau 1945

Author: Adam Niechwiej
Year of publication: 2017

The board wargame "Festung Breslau 1945" allows players to see the events that took place in the besieged city between 15th February and 6th May 1945. The advantage for the game owners is that they have the opportunity to try alternative strategies for both sides.

Players take on the role of Commanders of the Red Army or fortress’ garrison. They determine the directions of assaults and dispose of available resources. Their decisions affect the outcome of the fighting. You can check whether the Russians could take the city earlier than they did historically or whether the Germans could organize the defense more effectively. Each side has its respective advantages. It is up to you whether you will use them appropriately.

Fate of "Festung Breslau" is in your hands!

A complete game „Festung Breslau 1945” contains:
• one board 48x68 cm;
• a set of 308 mounted counters (12,5x12,5mm size);
• one rule book (12 pages);
• one scenario card;
• one six sided die.

Gameplay time: 6 hours.
Game is suitable for two players above 12 years old.

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